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How to have a more sustainable wardrobe in 2019

How to have a more sustainable wardrobe in 2019

To become more sustainable is a process that we can achieve by making small steps little by little... I think we have to listen to our true self and start being more conscious about our daily life and do not act on impulse, but alway think before every action.
Here are 5 simple tips for you to slowly start changing the way you consume, it is with small steps that you make big changes :)
  • BUY LESS, and, always, before buying something, ask yourself  “ how many times will I wear it ? “  Invest in pieces  that you can wear again and again and  that can be used to create different outfits.


  • Get informed better and VOTE WITH YOUR WALLET, choose brands that are conscious about the Environment and that respect your values


  • BUY VINTAGE or used clothes


  • Buy GOOD QUALITY CLOTHES that last more and take care of them and of the existing pieces you already have


  • Do not throw away your clothes, but repair them or Give them to someone else



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