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VireChic logo including mannequin and recycle circle symbol

From latin “virare” means to become, plus the word "chic" that is universally used to indicate someone or something that is elegantly and stylishly fashionable, combined together you get vireChic, or “becoming chic”  because I think that you really become chic when you wear pieces that support a FASHION that is a FORCE FOR GOOD that spreads Social Consciousness and, eventually: 


  • Respect the Planet  and promote environment responsibility
  • Preserve global culture by keeping cultural  traditions alive using handmade artisan skills such as knitting, weaving, embroidery
  • empower women artisans 
  • promote transparency in the production chain







      is our motto and our force to promote environmental awareness. It is not enough to put the recycled materials in the appropriate bin, we must start thinking how to reduce and reuse what we already have.

      Our designs use recycled materials, like tin, can, soda pop tops, coffee filters, paper, pallet wood, textiles, CD's, and plastic because we think that we do not need to produce more objects in this world, but we can reuse what we already have and make great designs from it. When recycling apart from assuming responsibility on our waste, we use our creativity more and open our mind to new possibilities and ways of seeing things.

      When we do not use recycled materials, we opt for natural fibres and work with talented artisans that use traditional weaving techniques because we think that keeping the traditions is not only preserving the past, but it is giving life to new pieces that mix the traditional old crafts with contemporary patterns that increase awareness of the skills required to create these pieces.