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Are you going to a special celebration or event and want to impress your friends with a gorgeous handmade dress, totally unique made especially for you ? Fantastic, you are in the right place :)

We will design the perfect item for you, all handmade and ethically produced by skilled artisans, and in this way you will contribute to keep the cultural traditions alive.

Email us picture of you and your sizes and height, so we will evaluate your body type and find the best options to match with your body and colour palette, as we know that each person has a different body, so it is better to find the perfect match.

Usually it takes 30 days to make the piece after you confirm the order and make the payment.  Once the item is ready we will deliver it to your place. We are sorry but in this case it is not possible to exchange the piece , as it was made especially for you.

Here are some options of designs:


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